Why Lethargy And Weight Loss Are Dangerous Signs in Dogs

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is kept safe and sound from all possible dangers. While you may think that you are doing a good enough job, the truth is that you need to be wary of certain signs that could spell great danger for your dog if you are not careful about them all in all. There are two signs in particular that are dangerous because of the fact that they could potentially mean that your dog is suffering from the parvo virus.

The first of these two signs is lethargy. If your dog is not as energetic as it usually is then you should take it to the vet right away. The thing about the parvo virus is that it really dehydrates your dog and saps it of any excess energy that it might have. If your dog is not showing as much of an interest in running around and playing then chances are that you need to focus on making it better by taking it to a vet and potentially giving it some pepto bismol as well to soothe it a little bit.

The second sign that you should be wary of is weight loss. As your dog continues to suffer from the parvo virus, it will lose weight firstly in the form of water weight as it gets dehydrated and secondly through a rapid decrease in muscle and fat levels within its system. This rapid decrease can really weaken your dog and prevent it from becoming properly healthy, and since puppies are the most commonly afflicted dogs for this virus you can imagine the damage that their still growing bodies could potentially be caused.