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Where is Breville Espresso Made?

If you were to take a look at the products that were considered the best of the best towards the end of the latter half of the previous century, chances are that you would have seen products from two specific countries namely the US as well as Japan. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that these two countries utterly dominated the consumer electronics and appliances market during that period in history, but suffice it to say that their star has fallen quite a bit and there are a bunch of other countries that make products that are a lot better at any given point in time.

One country that has made a lot of progress with regards to the products that its citizens are capable of creating is Australia. If you want to buy the best home espresso machine under 200, you would be better off buying an Australian brand such as Breville! This is a brand that has made a real name for itself despite the relatively short duration in which it has been active so far.

By far the best thing about this brand is that it manages to provide a huge amount of solidity and durability at a price that most people are going to be able to afford unless they are completely destitute due to reasons that are utterly beyond their capability to control. Breville machines are manufactured and designed in Australia, and they go to China for the last few stages of the construction process in which the product actually ends up getting assembled and attains its final overall form for the most part.