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What to Charge For Commercial Pressure Washing

When you have worked so hard to establish some kind of a running business, suffice it to say that you would never end up feeling truly satisfied by just making do with whatever other people deign to send in your general direction. At the end of the day, all of your efforts are going to start to seem like they have gone almost entirely in vain if you only focus on things like residential clients and the like because of the fact that commercial clients offer you far more money as well as longer term arrangements.

The thing is, if you want to service commercial clients with your Lewisville power washing skills, you need to at the very least try to wrap your head around how much you are ideally supposed to be charging them. You see, commercial pressure washing charges can often look quite different from the charges that residential customers would be used to due to the reason that the former category offers jobs that require a lot more time as well as effort, so it makes a lot of sense that service providers in this category would be so eager to charge more than the market average.

You should still keep your charges within an affordable range, but taking your rates up to forty to fifty cents per square foot won’t hurt. These rates would enable you to make a healthy profit from almost all of your gigs bar none, and every client that you cater to would give you much more to work with as the years go by. You can use this to your advantage by building up some momentum that can sustain your business.