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What Pressure Washer is Good For Washing Cars?

We can’t even begin to describe how egregious some of the mistakes that newbie pressure washing fanatics make tend to be. It would be extremely time consuming for us to go through all of these mistakes, but we still want to help people pressure wash in a way that is better by all accounts, so we are going to focus on what in our opinion is the worst mistake and simultaneously the easiest one to stave off.

This mistake is that might buy the wrong machine, or perhaps you’d go for an expensive commercial option that only pressure washing companies The Woodlands would want to buy. Choosing the right pressure washer is all about first figuring out what you are going to eventually end up pressure washing, and if you want to wash your car with such a machine the fact of the matter is that you need to buy something from Bosch. This is because of the fact that this company offers some truly top notch products that are used for pressure washing cars in particular, and while they lag behind in other categories the truth of the situation is that they still manage to hold their own for car washing requirements.

The most essential aspect of pressure washing your car is to keep the pressure range around the 1500 PSI mark. You can take it as high as 1,900, but going all the way to two thousand would be a huge mistake that you would start to regret not long after you go for it. It would be better to go for the 1,300 PSI mark since this protects your car from scrapes and scratches.