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The Key Differences Between Regular And Fat Tire E Bikes

The trend of cycling is rising again around the globe. This increase in the popularity of cycling has caused lots of innovative models of bicycles to come in the market lately. If you are new in the cycling industry and are looking to buy a bicycle, you might actually have lots of questions like what is an electric bike? And what is the difference between freight tires and regular tires?

In this article, we will explore the later question. We will discuss the key differences between regular and fat tire ebikes like rower elektryczny fatbike.

Regular E Bikes

Regular E bikes have regularly sized tires, and an electric motor to help the bike go forward even if you stop paddling. These bikes come with paddles which you can use to steer the bike whenever you need to. However, the electric motor keeps assisting the pedals depending on the speed you are looking to achieve. These bikes are great to invest in if you regularly climb hills and do not want to break your knees going up a hill.

On the other hand, there are electric bikes without pedals as well. These bikes are called throttle bikes. You can use them with the help of a throttle function, and they will work perfectly without any pedals.

Fat Tire Bikes

Fat tires are used both in regular bicycles and in electrical bikes as well. As the name suggests, the tires on these bikes are larger and wider as compared to regular tires. These bikes are designed to easily run on different types of terrains. Fat tire electric bikes can be used for off roading.

So, depending on what your needs are, you can choose between regular electric bikes and fat tire electric bikes.