walmart money transfer

Sending Money Through Walmart

Walmart has partnered with the international money transfer service MoneyGram to enable the residents of US and Puerto Rico to send and receive the money. But you’ll have to pay a fee for to get the convenience of sending and receiving money. Walmart also has dedicated desks inside their stores to help you send money conveniently.

Send Money Directly Via Walmart

For sending someone conveniently, you can visit a nearby Walmart store that has a Walmart Money Centre inside it. You can choose the Walmart2Walmart money transfer service to send the money conveniently. You send the money from one location, and the receiver would be able to pick up that money from any other Walmart store.

The second service the Walmart provides you with is the Walmart 2 World service, in which the recipient would be able to pick up the money from any other MoneyGram service center located anywhere in the world.

Using The App

Before visiting the Walmart store, you can speed up the things by opening the Walmart mobile app. You can calculate the total money transfer fees and bring the fees and total transfer charges with you to the nearest Walmart store. If you’re trying to get a large amount transferred, try to be secure on the way and take proper safety measures.

Usually, the money will be available for pickup just after a fee minutes of you sending it. The receiver can pick up the money from any Walmart store located near them, or you cam also send the money directly to their bank account. You cam also use the walmart2walmart tracking service to track the payments.

You Can Buy The Money Orders as Well

In addition to sending the money through the Walmart store, you can also buy a money order from a Walmart MoneyGram store. You’ll have to pay a small fee to obtain the money order, and after that, you can send that money order by sending it through mail.