Secret Expert Hacks For Painting a House

Thinking to paint your wall a subtle blue? Wait, why go through the hassles a beginner has to go through? To get you started in the best possible way, we’ve got the best hacks and tips for painting a house; you’ll ever need. All these are taken from expert painters with years of experience on their hand.

  1. Inspect The Weather

You probably don’t want to paint your house in the rainy season, do you? Humidity and moisture mean slow drying of paint and dripping. However, it is recommended to wait for dry weather to paint a house.

  1. Don’t Compromise on The Material

Wondering where most people go wrong while painting? They decide to splurge on high-quality paint but pinch pennies on the tools for application.

Those cheap brushes and rollers might look the same at the store, but they are completely awful when worked with. Go for a good quality 2-1/2 inch angled brush; it is versatile and paints like magic.

  1. Cover Everything

It is better to take prior protection than regretting later. Cover all the furniture and areas that you don’t want to be painted, including floors and windows.

Another most important thing, which many people forget to do is to remove switch lights.  It’ll only take a couple of minutes, don’t be impatient.

  1. Mandatory Primer

Do you think you are better off a primer? Don’t make this mistake. Applying paint directly on a problematic wall or even a normal wall can cause uneven patches of colour on wall resulting in the dullness.

To avoid such issues, always use a primer. If you want a perfect application, use a tinted primer that is a closer match to the colour you are going to paint.

On a side note, keep in mind that challenging surfaces might need a different kind of primer known as “bonding primer.”