Private Dermatologists vs. Public Dermatologists

In today’s article we shall be talking about the two different types of dermatology consultants that are readily available in Singapore; the public hospital dermatologists and the private practice dermatologists. In today’s article we will be talking about the price and service pros and cons of choosing one or the other service. We will try and break down benefits and pitfalls so you can make a decision according to what is right for you. Please do note that in Singapore, the quality of care given by the doctors is more or less the same so the factors you have to consider are not that private care will be better than public care. The actual considerations of going to a dermatologist in Singapore are the time and the money you are willing to spend.

Starting with the cost, it should come as no surprise that private consultations will cost a lot more than public consultations. However, two things you should know. First is that public consultations can cost anywhere from 40 percent to a whole 60 percent less than a private consultation, a drop from a range of $100 to $150, down to a range of $40 to $60 is very common. The second thing is that you can only avail an affordable dermatologist Singapore if you are a permanent resident in Singapore or if you are a Singaporean National, otherwise the subsidies do not count.

The point about time spent is based on the fact that while private consultations take at max 2 days to set up and occur, a public consultation will take a month’s worth of waiting time. Private dermatologists will even allow a walk in appointment if it is not a busy day but you will need to wait for a public consultation.