Playpens; A Dog’s Best Friend?

Every dog owner has a certain fear when they let them free to roam; be it destruction of the well-manicured outdoor landscape or the wrecking of furniture indoors; and despite of this, no wants to confine their dog to a limited space that deprives them of all the fun. You know what comes the most handy in such circumstances? A playpen; and here’s other reasons why it might be the best choice you’ll ever make for your furry friend.


Just like a toddler who has learnt the ability to crawl needs to be kept out of the harm’s way, puppies needs to be kept away from potentially hazardous things lying around the house. However, a playpen is not only a source of safety for little ones but also for the older dogs who’d otherwise chew an electric wire out of curiosity. A bunch of toys and a dog bed within a playpen is also a great way to keep your confined within a house without depriving it of fun and comfort.

A Better Alternative For Isolation

For many people, locking the pet in one room or confining them within a crate seems like a feasible option if guests are coming over, but what they fail to realize is that is renders a sentiment of loneliness within the animal. A playpen, on the other hand, allows you to keep the movement of your dog limited without depriving him of the attention it is used to of and in this way, both of you can enjoy your time.

Better Than Crates

A playpen renders more space than a crate and it is relatively easy to train a dog to like it. There are many playpens available in the market, each of which exhibits various features that render them suitable for a particular household and The Friendly Dogs review would help you decide the one that’s perfect for you.

Set It Outdoors

Gone are the days when your dog would ruin your yard as a playpen provides it enough space to have all the fun it needs outdoors. Just set it up in the sun, throw some toys and see your dog fall in love with it.