During the early nineties, Gary Stretch was the glamor-boy of British boxing. His good looks coupled with KO power in his fists ensured he was big box-office. Stretch won the British light-middleweight championship, then went on to win the WBC Super Welterweight championship, beating Ramon ‘Angel’ Alegre at the docklands arena London on Feb 14th 1990,KO round 6, the fight was billed “Valentine‚Äôs Day Massacre”. In 1991 when he challenged Chris Eubank for the WBO world middleweight championship in London. “Beauty V The Beast” attracted the big celebrity crowd, and it was a major sporting event. Despite not really training for the contest, he was offered the fight after a year layoff and was 2 weights below Eubank. He gave the iron-chinned champion hell for five rounds before very controversially the fight was stopped in the sixth round. After many unsuccessful attempts for a rematch, Stretch had one more fight then retired with a record of 29-1-1. Ultimately, the lure of Tinseltown proved too much and he is currently dividing his time between LA & the UK . In 2004, his hard work finally paid off when he was cast as psychotic gangster “Sonny” in Shane Meadows’ gritty cult thriller Dead Man’s Shoes (2004). Stretch received a BIFA nomination alongside another British talent, Paddy Considine. This picture finally earned Gary the recognition he deserved. He went on to co star opposite Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the Oliver Stone blockbuster Alexander (2004). World Trade Center (opposite Nicholas Cage) “Savages” (opposite Benicio Del Toro & Salma Heyek).