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Main Features of Hamilton Musical

While there is no denial of how powerfully the TV and Media impact our lives, we can also not deny the impact of a well written and performed Musical Theatre play. Rated as one of the greatest over its 2-year life span, the Hamilton Musical is widely known as the biggest grossing theatre plays which broke the box office record by making more than 1 Billion in ticket sales since launch. The play about the American revolution is centered around Alexander Hamilton. A powerful and influential statesman, a scholar and one of the founding fathers of modern-day America who struggles his way from the shores of West Indies to become a renowned character in American history.

The play managed to get a lot of attention from fans as well as from the critic’s circle, with its whimsical lyrics, music and powerful storytelling via powerfully portrayed characters. The play has mostly kept the verbal dialogue to a minimum and focused mostly on Opera to convey the message. There are also certain portions of the play that feature rap, although it is not widely used. As the story features both politics and economics, Miranda carefully turns a debate in the cabinet to a rap score which takes the audience by surprise. The shows also feature the end battle between Alexander and Burr which shows the duel that ends up in the demise of the former.

The lyrics and the music help portray the economic and political situation of the time and play an integral part in captivating the audience’s attention. Since its inception, the show has made its way to several venues, cities, and states. It has been featured on Broadway as well. If someone wishes to know where to watch Hamilton in Los Angeles, they can check through any of the online ticketing outlets to find information about upcoming schedules and details.