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Is Soft Wash Better Than Pressure Washing?

One of the most crucial cleaning activities that you need to take part in at least once a year would involve a deep clean of your home’s exterior, and suffice it to say that there are several different ways in which you could go about doing something of this sort. One of the most popular ways to deep clean a home exterior is with pressure washing, and coming in at a close second is soft washing although some might not think that there is all that great of a difference between the two.

However, it is utterly essential for you to realize that when you opt for a service that offers house washing near me, you would need to tell them well beforehand whether you are looking for soft washing or pressure washing. Pressure washing obviously uses a high degree of pressure, and you can likely tell that soft washing will usually incorporate a somewhat lower level of pressure. That might lead you to believe that pressure washing is better because you have likely seen videos online that display its efficacy, but the thing to note about that is that pressure washing is only ever useful for cleaning driveways and decks and it can be destructive if implemented on your home’s exterior walls.

Soft washing might not use a great deal of pressure, but it does usually involve various cleaning chemicals that increase its effectiveness. These chemicals kill various microbes that you would want to get rid of, something that power washing usually fails to do, and what’s more is that the low pressure means that you wouldn’t have to deal with stripped away paint or other kinds of damage.