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How Much Does DIY Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Sometimes it’s really important to obtain the assistance of someone that has expertise and training in a given field, but there are often ways for you to forego their expensive service charges by adopting more of a DIY oriented mindset at this current point in time. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we feel like the DIY approach has some merits that warrant its mention in the most educated of circles without a shadow of a doubt. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks by discussing how much this will set you back financially speaking.

The first and most fundamental cost associated with this endeavor is that of carpet cleaner rental, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should place a great deal of importance on this. Generally speaking, you can rent a hot water extractor for around $35 which should give you about one to two hours of usage. The only other expense involves the purchasing of detergents, carpet shampoos and various other things that you might need in situations where coffee stains or blood marks are turning into insurmountable obstacles that you are struggling to overcome.

The sum total of your expenses barring rental costs would be approximately ten to fifteen dollars, which suggests that you can get your carpets looking as clean as possible for just fifty dollars! However, you should also bear in mind that professional cleaning usually costs a hundred dollars, so unless you are extremely short on cash it might be better to spend the extra fifty given how easy it will make it for you to get things done.