Everything You Need to Know About Disney+

For those who do not know, Disney is finally coming up with their streaming service called Disney+. This service has been in development for years, and it is actually an original development from Disney. It is still going to take some time, as the estimated time of arrival is the end of 2019. Once this service is out, it is going to be the go-to place for many of the original Disney movies, and movies from other productions as well.

We all know about the Disney and Netflix deal, but ever since Disney canceled all the Netflix shows, it only leaves us with the question whether they will be making a return to the Disney+ streaming service. With that said, you need to understand that once the streaming service is out, you will be able to stream pretty much every Disney property that is available.

Keeping that in mind, people still do not know a lot about the streaming service, and that is what we are going to look at.

A Lot of Original Content

When it comes to original content, Disney is not shy of the numbers at all. The company has so much of the original content that you would be surprised. With the streaming service making its way to the mainstream, you will be able to stream a lot of original content; both new and old, and the content will include both movies, as well as the television.

There WillB Missing Content as Well

Another important thing that you must know is that there will be missing content as well. Especially the original 6 Star War movies. Only because those movies are already a part of a deal that runs till 2024. However, we are not sure if Disney will be bringing those movies back to the streaming service, but it seems like a no brainer at this time.

The Launch Date

If you are wondering about the launch date, then you need to know that so far Disney has not announced any launch date. The only available information is that the service will be launching in late 2019. Needless to say, there are still a few months left before Disney finally announces the dates or more information about streaming servicing.


For those interested in knowing the pricing, there is not an official word so far, but Disney did say that they will be launching the service with competitive pricing, additionally, they also stated that the users will be paying $7 per month, whereas the competition can cost upwards of $16 for premium plans.

Whether the pricing is official or not is something that we cannot confirm at the moment, but do keep in mind that Disney is pretty serious about the streaming service, and in order for the service to be a success, Disney will have to be careful about the pricing, and avoid overcharging the customers, because that will be a bad thing for it.