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Do This If You’re Caught For a DUI Offense

Getting pulled over for a DUI offense can be devastating for you if you live in a state which has struck laws on DUI offenses. You should therefore prevent drinking and driving as much as you can.

However, if you’ve done the mistake this time and an officer has pulled you over, you still have time to act responsibly. This might help you in your DUI case. So, read these tips carefully. Keep in mind that if you’re a Florida first DUI offender, you might get confused. So, it pays to contact an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible when you’re pulled over for a DUI offense.

Here are some general tips to help you out in such scenarios.

Find a Good Place to Pull Over

As soon at an officer starts assessing you for a possible DUI case, he will start observing your behavior, and will later use that information against you in the DUI case. The officer has already made some observations which made him stop you. The police report can impact the possible outcome of your DUI case.

One of the first things the officer will notice is how you pull over. So, try to find a good place to pull over.

Don’t Act Suspiciously

Every police officer has the right to defend himself. Any suspicious movements, and the officer might call a backup to make your arrest even more dramatic.

So, do not make any suspicious and sudden movements when the officer is approaching you. Try to sit in a natural driving position, and keep your hands on the wheel. Don’t even turn around to see the officer approaching.

These were some tips which can help you stay calm and collected. These can help save your time, and maybe reduce your punishment as well.