Deciding on a Bailing Agent

There are many agents that are providing bailing bonds and bail deposit services these days, however, before deciding on which one to appoint, we need to know which type of bail bond is needed to help in a specific situation. There are majorly 2 types of bail bonds that are commonly used to assist the release on a person in custody.

The first one known as a Criminal bond is usually used in cases in which the offense is classified as a criminal offense. In such cases, the criminal bond is used by the bondman or the bonding agent to free the person incarcerated by guaranteeing that they will make an appearance before the court of law when and as required on a given specific date. In addition to that, a criminal bond also assures the court that any fines or penalties charged to the client with be paid in full by the defendant as directed by the court. Websites such as provide a lot of information pertaining to the subject and could serve as a useful resource to get information about the process. However, in cases where the offense is not of criminal nature, the bond used is known as a Civil bond. This is usually needed to support payment of a debt, in addition to any interest charged by the lender and in cases on loans to be paid by the defendant.

To get more information about the type of bond needed in a given situation, the defendant or their representatives should consult a bondman or bailing agent and they will be given the complete information pertaining to their options. Bailing agents are very experienced as this is their daily routine to assist their clients and to deal with cases of varying scenarios.