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Best Places to Visit in Vizag

People who have visited Vizag at least once admit that this is a great coastal town which isn’t fully discovered yet. This beautiful town is still developing, and is counted in some of the best tourist attractions in India. There are also many tourist attractions which are unexplored. So, whether you want to explore new areas and take some amazing photographs, or just want to visit the area, you should add Vizag to your list of destinations to visit.

Another great thing about Vizag is that it doesn’t have many tourists visiting. You can therefore complete your trip calmly away from the hustle and bustle that tourist places usually have.

Here are some of the best places you can visit in Vizag on your Vizag tour.

The Peaceful Yarada Beach

Since Vizag is a coastal town, having a beach is a must. But Yarada beach is not your regular beach, as it is famous for its beautiful scenery. This particular beach is surrounded by hills on three sides. While there are other beaches in Vizag as well, we suggest visiting this one since it is comparatively less dense.

You can enjoy the breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset, and might get lucky enough to find the beach without people. You can take some perfect pictures for those Instagram stories.

Submarine Museum

You can also visit the Submarine Museum in Vizag. This is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the Indian Navy.

This museum features a Russian-Built submarine named INS Kursura. The submarine was decommissioned in 2001.

Borra Caves

These caves are around 90-95 kilometers away from the main city. Your voice will echo in these intricately spread caves. There’s also a small shrine in the center of the caves which you can enjoy sitting in.

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Why You Should Visit Roanoke This Summer

Roanoke is a great looking urban enclave which has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. It is located in the Virginia’s incredible Blue Ridge Mountains, which makes it an even better choice for travelling.

Here are some of the reasons on why you should consider visiting Roanoke this summer.

Enjoy Amazing Beer

One of the many reasons to visit Roanoke is trying out fresh beer from one of the breweries operating here. This spot is so popular for brewing that more and more breweries are making their home in Roanoke. You can visit beer gardens by availing self guided education tours, or get a guided one if you’ve never visited a brewery before.

Roanoke even has its own beer festival that is celebrated every year on August 11. You can try out different beers from within the Roanoke and from rest of the US as well.

Get Thrilled By Mountain Biking

Roanoke is internationally know as the capital of mountain biking. Roanoke currently has a Silver level designated to it when it comes to the ride center destination. That means Roanoke is considered amongst the world’s best mountain biking destinations.

If you’re looking to explore the mountain biking opportunities in Roanoke, you should try out the Mill Mountain trails, which are located only a few miles away from downtown Roanoke. You can enjoy 10 miles of great mountain biking trails.

Enjoy The Food

One of the best things the south is usually praised for is its raised biscuits. In Roanoke, you will find some of  the best biscuits at restaurants like Starch Biscuit Co. This is a breakfast-only restaurant which offers a variety if different biscuits that you can try.

For rest of the activities, you can check out top five weekend activities to indulge in Roanoke.

Why Israel is a Great Vacation Spot

Visiting Israel may not sound like the best vacation idea to a lot of people, but this is mostly because of the fact that they don’t know that much about the country apart from the various political struggles it is currently undergoing. That being said, Israel deserves a better reputation as a vacation spot because it offers so many unique things, all in a package that is distinctly Middle Eastern and will immerse you in a wonderful culture that is in many ways at the epicenter of the world

One of the most underrated aspects of Israel is the local scenery. Israel is an absolutely beautiful place, with all kinds of terrains that you can look into. There are a number of beaches that you could go to that are gorgeous in every way. The sand is clean as is the water, and the beautiful blue hue of the sea will give you an inkling of why this land has been so hardly fought over by so many people. If beaches aren’t your thing, you should try to go to the hilly areas instead. These are beautiful places for seclusion and will offer countless other activities that you can take part in as well.

The water quality in Israel is also generally higher than you might expect it to be. You don’t have to worry about getting food poisoning the way you would in other countries that surround Israel. You should still be wary of street food, though, because this is often cooked in a manner that is not as hygienic as the standards you might get used to if you only end up going to the fancier restaurants that the country has to offer in its urban centers.