Playpens; A Dog’s Best Friend?

Every dog owner has a certain fear when they let them free to roam; be it destruction of the well-manicured outdoor landscape or the wrecking of furniture indoors; and despite of this, no wants to confine their dog to a limited space that deprives them of all the fun. You know what comes the most handy in such circumstances? A playpen; and here’s other reasons why it might be the best choice you’ll ever make for your furry friend.


Just like a toddler who has learnt the ability to crawl needs to be kept out of the harm’s way, puppies needs to be kept away from potentially hazardous things lying around the house. However, a playpen is not only a source of safety for little ones but also for the older dogs who’d otherwise chew an electric wire out of curiosity. A bunch of toys and a dog bed within a playpen is also a great way to keep your confined within a house without depriving it of fun and comfort.

A Better Alternative For Isolation

For many people, locking the pet in one room or confining them within a crate seems like a feasible option if guests are coming over, but what they fail to realize is that is renders a sentiment of loneliness within the animal. A playpen, on the other hand, allows you to keep the movement of your dog limited without depriving him of the attention it is used to of and in this way, both of you can enjoy your time.

Better Than Crates

A playpen renders more space than a crate and it is relatively easy to train a dog to like it. There are many playpens available in the market, each of which exhibits various features that render them suitable for a particular household and The Friendly Dogs review would help you decide the one that’s perfect for you.

Set It Outdoors

Gone are the days when your dog would ruin your yard as a playpen provides it enough space to have all the fun it needs outdoors. Just set it up in the sun, throw some toys and see your dog fall in love with it.

Why Lethargy And Weight Loss Are Dangerous Signs in Dogs

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is kept safe and sound from all possible dangers. While you may think that you are doing a good enough job, the truth is that you need to be wary of certain signs that could spell great danger for your dog if you are not careful about them all in all. There are two signs in particular that are dangerous because of the fact that they could potentially mean that your dog is suffering from the parvo virus.

The first of these two signs is lethargy. If your dog is not as energetic as it usually is then you should take it to the vet right away. The thing about the parvo virus is that it really dehydrates your dog and saps it of any excess energy that it might have. If your dog is not showing as much of an interest in running around and playing then chances are that you need to focus on making it better by taking it to a vet and potentially giving it some pepto bismol as well to soothe it a little bit.

The second sign that you should be wary of is weight loss. As your dog continues to suffer from the parvo virus, it will lose weight firstly in the form of water weight as it gets dehydrated and secondly through a rapid decrease in muscle and fat levels within its system. This rapid decrease can really weaken your dog and prevent it from becoming properly healthy, and since puppies are the most commonly afflicted dogs for this virus you can imagine the damage that their still growing bodies could potentially be caused.

Best Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog

It is highly important to keep your pooch engaged with fun activities on a daily basis, so that they get maximum chances of exploration and adventure. If they don’t get the right amount of daily physical activities, then they would develop undesirable habits such as barking and whining. During early development stages of your puppy you need to make sure that they are getting adequate amount of mental stimulation, so that it doesn’t get boring for them as they grow up. From going on scavenger hunts to fetch play, there are various fun activities that you can do with you puppy whether you prefer staying indoors or like to do it outside in the backyard. Make sure that you keep things spiced up, so that the same things don’t get repeated too often.

Walking in new neighborhoods would keep things exciting for you puppy because it would get the opportunity of smelling new items in different surroundings. If you want to know about new innovative ideas to try out with your canine, then make sure to check out home – the jindo project now for more details.

In game of tug-a-war not only does the adrenaline level of your dog rises up but he also get to develop a sense of possession for his favorite items. This behavior would come in handy when he would run into other dogs in the park, as he would be able to assert his claims on various things. Make sure to provide fitness conditioning sessions to your canine if you are an adventure that loves trekking on the trails. This way your puppy would be able to catch up with you on elevated trails and tracks. Keep trying out new things so that your dog remains satisfied.

Taking Care of Pets During Exterminations

If your bed bug problem has gotten to a point where you are no longer able to sleep on a particular mattress, you should probably call an exterminator but make sure that you are aware of your pet’s needs during the extermination process as well. You need to hire someone that uses bug extermination chemicals that are not harmful for humans or pets, and the fact of the matter is that most service providers simply don’t fulfill this criteria because of the fact that they don’t feel the need to since not a lot of people end up putting the right amount of pressure on them in order to try and force them to do so.

Just in case you feel like something might end up going wrong, keep your pet out of the house or whatever area has been initially fumigated for a few days after everyone else has moved in. This will make it so that any residue that is left over after the bedbug extermination is complete will dissipate, allowing your pet to roam around and you to rest at ease knowing that there is no toxic stuff that your pet could end up ingesting in some way. Another thing that you need to do is to alert your local vet about the fact that you are getting some fumigation done so that they know that your pet might come in with a case of poisoning that they might need to deal with.

Or you could just go for, a service provider that is very well regarded for using chemicals that are not all that harsh and will not be a danger for your pet after they have left after doing their job and killing all the bedbugs.

How to Establish Trust With Your Dog

The first few days that a dog spends at your place are going to be quite difficult. Not only will you be looking into trying to make it comfortable with its surroundings, you are going to face the problem of attempting to get close to it in the first place. If your dog is unwilling to let you get close to it, you need to start working on establishing trust between you and your pet. You need to teach it that you are not going to harm it, and that you will instead try your best to make sure that it stays safe as possible.

One way to do so involves teaching your dog tricks. This makes your dog associate you with fun activities that will result in it getting a tasty treat to enjoy, something that will make it very happy indeed and will establish you as a positive presence in its life. One of the most important tricks that you can teach to your dog is teaching it how to stay in one place. The stay command can be your most powerful ally in a lot of ways. This is because of the fact that it will give you a certain level of control of your dog’s aggressive tendencies. To find out how to teach this trick you can visit website.

Whenever you have to leave your dog alone for some time, you can tell it to stay knowing that it won’t go anywhere at all. Since it will be eager to give you what you are asking for, your dog is definitely not going to want to disobey a command. Once you have done something like this, you will have successfully established trust between your dog and yourself. After this you don’t need to worry about anything at all.

A Surprising Tip For Cat Health

Cats are very popular pets for people that like to stay indoors and are more introverted than a lot of other individuals out there. It’s true that cats are going to keep you off your feet a lot more than dogs would because of the fact that dogs tend to need a lot more activity and would need to frequently be taken out for walks. However, just because cats are a little lower maintenance than dogs does not mean that they don’t need to be taken care of.

Steps need to be taken in order to give your cat the best life possible, and there are a surprising number of ways in which your cat might need you to take care of it. Take feeding it, for example. Giving your cat three to four meals a day is important, as is portion control in order to prevent your cat from getting too fat. That’s not all you need to be doing, though. An important aspect of feeding your cat is making it a bit of a challenge for the animal.

The reason that you should do this is very simple. Cats are domesticated animals, but they still have animal instincts and cats are natural predators. They are used to catching their prey before they eat, and this activity actually plays an important role in cat development. You can’t let your cat hunt its tin of cat food, but you can play with it a little before you give it its meal. You can use a laser pointer to make it run around, a paper ball or just play fight with it a little so that it gets active before it eats. You should check out Heartfully Heather to learn more about how to take care of pets.