3 Tips to Choosing The Best Camping Tent

Going camping with friends and family in the summer season is a great way to kill some extra time and have fun on the go. And when it comes to camping, buying the right camping tent always has it’s own significance.

Here are some tips you can follow to find the best camping tents for your outdoor adventures.

Consider The Sleeping Capacity

Choosing the rightly sized tent is the first step to buying the right tent for camping. Thus can easily be done by assessing the size of your group, and the space needed for any extra gear or pets. However, keep in mind that there are not specific dimensions for one person defined by any industry, so, you will have to estimate the right size by yourself.

As a rule of thumb, you should buy a slightly wider tent than is currently needed for your group. This way, everyone will be able to sleep freely at night.

Tent Poles

Depending on the pole structure of your tent, it can be easy or really hard to pitch. Usually, people choose the freestanding family tents these days. You do not need to set up these tents. Cleaning these tents and moving them around is really easy.

Less number of poles means less set up time. Clips and short pole sleeves are used to achieve strength and stability. There are also different types of polar materials available to choose from. Try to choose a durable material if you are frequent camper.


Rainfly is used as a separate cover over the roof of your tent to make the roof waterproof. This can provide you with extra warmth whenever needed.

Rainfly covers are available in two variations. They can either cover only the roof, or full tent.